I'm Ardy. I'm 38 and I live in the sunny island of Singapore. I make a living on the internet and I love what I do. Till this day I continue to run my online businesses and I am passionate about the stuff that I do.

Some people think that running an internet business is easy and that they can just attend a ten thousand dollar course and get things going for them. I would like to tell you that running any business, be it online or offline takes a lot of hard work and commitment. It is not a walk in the park but it's not impossible either. You can learn and pick up the skills that can allow you to run an online business like I do.

What I like most about doing an online business is that I can spend more time with my wife and 4 children. I am proud of my loving family and the support that I get from close friends and family. I also love to ride on my mountain bike with my bike buddies and enjoy swimming laps in the mornings. I continue to work on my internet business as I believe that it is one of the businesses out there that can help you pay the bills while still have time to do the things that you love.


I used to have one of the most demanding jobs in Singapore. I was a teacher in a secondary school. It was a 7.30 to 5 job and it is one the most demanding jobs you can ever have as you not only have to teach, you also have to be able to do many, many other things. Don't get me wrong, I love the job as I love to teach. I love telling jokes in class and building rapport with my students, especially those that most teachers dread teaching. The naughty ones can cause you to get high blood pressure but I personally take it as a challenge to help these students as I know that behind that facade of naughtiness and rudeness lies a soul that needs help. Most of such students come from a challenged background and I try my level best to educate them while at the same time understanding their situation.

Having been in this job for 11 years, I have quite a bag of tricks with me. I think I can write a whole book about teaching in Singapore and share my own experience with others who might want to join the education service. I believe that one of the biggest things I learn in my job is to multi-task. Well, you have to when you have to deal with so many parties; students, parents, the middle managers, the key personnel, your own colleagues and other individuals in the organisation. On top of that you have other responsibilities like being a form teacher, CCA teacher and fulfilling your role as a member of committees. The work does pile up actually.

Anyway, I have left the job on my own accord as I believe that I need to give more time and attention to my business. I was grossing a 6 figure income annually (including bonuses) when I left the job and it was definitely a difficult jump to make. From a secure job that pays well to running your own business with no guarantee of your next income, it wasn't something that I could just do without much thought and deliberation.

Now, as a full time entrepreneur I have more time to build my business and it is paying off. I am getting more sales from my websites and am looking at doing more projects. Being someone who always love thinking of new business ideas, I sometimes have to contain my own excitement and learn to focus on the projects that are already in existence. Nevertheless, I usually give myself a certain goal for me to reach for each and every project I start before I move on to another business idea.

I started a number of online businesses and they are still running today. Some are earning me passive income while others still need me to be involved. As most of us know, the best business is one that can afford you a lifestyle that you envision for yourself. A business that is auto run and which has systems in place is able to free up the entrepreneur's time, allowing him to do the stuff that are more important for the business or allow him or her to take time off for leisure or family time.

Many people want that. I mean who doesn't right?

I too believe that such an idea and goal is within reach but the business has to be systematized properly and be allowed to mature before the entrepreneur can free himself up. Before that happens much time and effort has to be put in by the entrepreneur to ensure that all the components of the business runs smoothly. The massive action needs to be taken. Either it is carried out by the entrepreneur, by his employees or outsourced to a freelancer or another company.


This site have been something that have a been a long way in planning. I have been so busy with my projects that I kept it on hold. I think that the time is right for me to focus on this blog which will also be a resource base for my own team and others out there who are using or intend to use and learn more about internet marketing and how it can help propel their online projects forward.

Starting up and running an online business is exciting and exhilarating to me. However, I also need to caution many out there to not get caught up with too much information and later on suffer from information overload.

On this site, I will share the tools that I use and share with you my own experiences to get my projects off the ground. I hope that what I share can benefit others just who are just starting up and even those that are already having online projects running at full speed.

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